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Issue #17 (August 27th, 2022)

  • "Dave's Warriors" - an interview with Dave Morris
Mini adventure
  • Fighting Fantasy: Barbarian Warlord by Andrew Wright; illustrated by Johan Tieldow
  • Advanced Fighting Fantasy mini adventure: The Hunt for the Black Whale (Part 2) by Andrew Wright; illustrated by Michael Wolmarans
  • "Rogues' Guide: Kharé & Kakhabad" by Alexander Ballingall, Ed Jolley, Stuart Lloyd, and S.P. Osborne
  • "The Fact of Fiction: The Keep of the Lich-Lord" by Alexander Ballingall
  • "The Keith Martin Enigma" by Mark Lain
  • "Omens & Auguries" - Gamebook/Interactive fiction news
  • "Chronicle of Heroes: The Shamutanti Hills" by Adrian Young
  • "The Magic Quest" by Steven Doig
  • "A History of Fighting Fantasy in (Less Than) 100 Objects: Small pebbles" by Ed Jolley
  • "Fighting Fantasy Collector": 2017-2022 roundup by Jamie Fry
  • "Fighting Dantasy: The Keep of the Lich-Lord" by Dan Satherley
  • "The Arcane Archive" - Gamebook/Interactive fiction reviews