It's a Small World After All

Just a post to highlight some of the wonderfully diverse people that have contributed to/supported Fighting Fantasy since it was launched in 2009.

As mentioned in an earlier post we have Michael Wolmarans from South Africa and Sunil Prasannan (ex-UK, now in the USA). But we also count among our many contributors (not all are listed here, just a few to show geographic diversity) Julien Meneldur (France), Aida Rintarou (Japan), Andrew Wright (ex-Australia, now in Thailand), Brett Schofield (Australia), Jamie Fry (UK), Demian Katz (USA), Ian Brocklehurt (ex-UK, now in Greece), Guillermo Parades (Mexico), Dan Satherley (NZ), and Natalie Gingerboom (UK).

Additional to this list, the survey reveals we also have readers from places like Sweden and Ireland.