Competition - The Rules

Reproducing here the rules for the competition featured in issue #6:

With the new version of Advanced Fighting Fantasy almost upon us, we’ve teamed up with Arion Games and Cubicle 7 Entertainment to give you a chance to win copies of the forthcoming AFF books: Advanced Fighting Fantasy, Out of the Pit and Titan.
To be in to win them, YOUR mission is to pen an original, entertaining, and imaginative short multi-player adventure using the original AFF rules as outlined in Dungeoneer, Blacksand! and Allansia.
Author of the new AFF series Graham Bottley will be judging the entries and picking the winner, who will not only be given copies of the new books, but have their adventure published in a future issue of this magazine for all to play and enjoy.
Criteria for entry:
  • Your adventure must feature no more than two locations
  • Your adventure must feature no more than five major NPCs (Non-Player Characters) 
  • Your adventure must be set somewhere on the world of Titan
  • Any maps needed for the adventure are to be supplied by yourself 
  • Please keep the length of the adventure to about 10, 000 words

Deadline for entries: June 10th, 2011
Please email your entries along with your postal contact details (using the subject line “AFF Competition Entry”) to:
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