In Print

We've been investigating the possibility of print copies of the magazine.

Here's how it breaks down. The magazine will be offered via print-on-demand website MagCloud. This means that if you buy an issue it'll cost you approx. US$23 plus postage and packaging.

That said, as the publishers we can do a bulk order of at least 20 copies of an issue which would result in a price of US$17 (plus P&P).

So the plan is (with issue #11 being a trial run):

When a new issue is released (or a back issue made ready for printing) we'll ask for people who'd like to join the bulk order at the cheaper price (with a deadline to joining). After that bulk order, anybody wanting a copy will have to order it via MagCloud for the higher price.

As we've said, issue #11 will be a trial run to see if the bulk order idea actually works. If YOU want in on a cheaper copy, you need to email us with your postal details (where you want your copy sent) and once we've 20+ copies wanted we'll place the order and let everyone know via email what the costs are. If you want in, send your details to us: editor at fightingfantazine dot co dot uk
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