Everything I Need to Know I Learnt from Playing Fighting Fantasy RPG Adventures - Sneak Peek

Time for another peek. This time it comes from Ed Jolley's "Everything I Need to Know I Learnt from Reading Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks" series of articles which covers the various RPG adventures...

The Curse of Kallamehr
The moment the adventurers reach the top of Rangor Tower, they see the Riddling Reaver pushing Baron Bluestone over the edge. Regardless of whether they rushed up there as quickly as possible, tried to hurry but got delayed, or even wasted time attempting to interrogate a corpse, trying to open the puzzle box or solving the half-dozen riddles contained within it, they arrive just in time to see the Baron thrown to his death. It’s almost as if the Reaver deliberately delayed the fatal shove until he had a suitable audience. Then again, if he had orchestrated the killing like that, you’d expect him to follow it up with a sub-Schwarzenegger pun about the Baron being an over-the-top character or dropping in on his subjects, so maybe the writers just favoured spectacle over realism.
Moral: Timing is an important aspect of comedy – even for tasteless and unpleasant jokes.