Contributor Spotlight - Jamie Fry

This entry is the first in an irregular series highlighting the people behind the material for the magazine. We kick off with Jamie Fry...

Jamie is a long-established part of online Fighting Fantasy and the man in charge of the website Fighting Fantasy Collector. This made him the natural choice for a column on collecting for the magazine when the team were casting about for ideas for material. As part of his interesting in collecting Fighting Fantasy-related paraphernalia he developed the "Collector's Guide" (a listing of every known Fighting Fantasy collectable). Other items of interest to fans can be found on his eBay site. He can be found on The Unofficial Fighting Fantasy Forum! as "Unclebundle".

He seems to be a natural choice as ambassador thanks to his love of the game book series and his rapport with Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone. This has recently led to him becoming the new "Warlock" of the official website and we wish him well with his endeavors to get the site up-to-date and relevant once more.

Jamie will be interviewed in issue #8 (due out January 2012).