AFF Competition Winner - Sneak Peek

I can now announce the winner of the AFF competition launched in issue #6. First place, as judged by AFF writer Graham Bottley is The Curse of Meraki by Stuart Lloyd. Here's a sneak peek at what the adventure entails:
It’s been a week since you have left the cesspit of Port Blacksand and pickings are slim. After a month of traipsing across the Pagan Plains to guard a caravan of merchants on their journey to the deadly port, you want some adventure. However, you a bit too much adventure in Blacksand after one of you spilt a flagon of ale all over one of the city’s master assassins. Two minutes later, you were sprinting through the streets with a dozen highly trained killers close behind you. You got to the south gate, only to be stopped by the troll guards demanding a fishday tax. Too desperate to argue, you hand over most your money to avoid the sharp blades of the Assassins’ Guild. You have just arrived to the small fishing village of Meraki, eager for a hot meal and a comfortable bed. However, you can see that something is wrong. The villagers look sad and downtrodden. No one looks you in the eye as you walk through the streets to the market square. You get to an inn and ask the keeper for some food and drink. He serves it without a word. While you are eating your dinner, an old but well kempt and muscular man approaches you. ‘Good evening. My name is Grask. I am the headman of this village and we need your help. I will offer you a free bed for the next few nights and some gold if you can solve our woes. I fear that there is a curse upon our little village and now an innocent woman’s life hangs in the balance...
Graham plans to host other entries on the official AFF website given the quality of the competition entries (as long as the entrants agree to this). So even though they won't appear in the magazine, they will hopefully be available to play in addition to the winner's tale. Congratulations to all who entered, may your STAMINA never fail!

The Return of Advanced Fighting Fantasy

The new version of Advanced Fighting Fantasy is now available for purchase:

along with reprints of Out of the Pit and Titan:

Author Graham Bottley was interviewed in issue #5 and issue #6 features a competition to win copies of the above three titles.

Some recent posts about the return of AFF:

Reviews of all three books will appear in issue #7 of the magazine later in the year.
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Competition - The Rules

Reproducing here the rules for the competition featured in issue #6:

With the new version of Advanced Fighting Fantasy almost upon us, we’ve teamed up with Arion Games and Cubicle 7 Entertainment to give you a chance to win copies of the forthcoming AFF books: Advanced Fighting Fantasy, Out of the Pit and Titan.
To be in to win them, YOUR mission is to pen an original, entertaining, and imaginative short multi-player adventure using the original AFF rules as outlined in Dungeoneer, Blacksand! and Allansia.
Author of the new AFF series Graham Bottley will be judging the entries and picking the winner, who will not only be given copies of the new books, but have their adventure published in a future issue of this magazine for all to play and enjoy.
Criteria for entry:
  • Your adventure must feature no more than two locations
  • Your adventure must feature no more than five major NPCs (Non-Player Characters) 
  • Your adventure must be set somewhere on the world of Titan
  • Any maps needed for the adventure are to be supplied by yourself 
  • Please keep the length of the adventure to about 10, 000 words

Deadline for entries: June 10th, 2011
Please email your entries along with your postal contact details (using the subject line “AFF Competition Entry”) to:
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Issue #6 - Published!

Issue #6 has now been published and is available for download here:

Printing password: fanta
92 pages of Fighting Fantasy goodness.
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Competition - Sneak Peek

Coming in issue #6 is a competition based around the Advanced Fighting Fantasy (AFF) role-playing system (which gets relaunched next month from Arion Games and Cubicle 7 Entertainment). You will be asked to design an AFF mini adventure (exact requirements for the competition are listed in the forthcoming issue) that will be printed in a later issue of the magazine. Plus, there are some further goodies up for grabs for the winner!

So, get your thinking caps on and fire up your imaginations!
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Everything I Need to Know I Learnt from Reading Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks: Part 4 - Sneak Peek

With less than two weeks now till the release of issue #6, it is time for another peek. This time it comes from Ed Jolley's "Everything I Need to Know I Learnt from Reading Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks" series of articles which covers Puffin gamebooks #31~40.

Stealer of Souls

Go charging into the cottage to rescue the prisoner within, and you get a 16-ton weight in the face (note: actual weight may be less Pythonesque). Show caution when approaching the next prisoner you encounter, and this gives the concealed Dark Priest time to hit you with a very nasty spell. Sometimes, the only thing you learn from making mistakes is how to make different ones.
Moral: What works best in one place might not be so suitable for another.

The Fact of Fiction: The Warlock of Firetop Mountain - Sneak Peek

Another sneak peek, this time from "The Fact of Fiction" article on The Warlock of Firetop Mountain.
At the river the hero negotiates the cost of passage to the other bank.
• Is the Ferryman seen here a nod to the Greek mythological character Charon, whose job it was to ferry the souls of the dead from the lands of the living to the world of the dead? One could attempt to build a case for the two parts of the book perhaps mirroring this division between the lands of the living (before the river) and the dead (after the river). This is because despite meeting none before the river crossing, the player encounters four different forms of the undead after crossing the river in the form of Zombies (see 122), a Vampire (see 17), a Wight (see 41), and a Ghoul (see 64)! Meanwhile, traditionally a coin would be placed in or on the mouth of the body of dead person to allow them to pay Charon for the crossing of the River Styx (see “The Fact of Fiction” in issue #4). That would make the Ferryman’s comment about inflation raising the price to 3 Gold Pieces even more amusing, rather than perhaps simply being perhaps a riff on the inflation the UK had suffered through in the late 1970s where prices rose by 25% per annum.
• The river was also the point at which Livingstone handed the story over to Jackson, who wrote everything north of the river as well as doing a polish of the whole book after it was pointed out by Puffin editor Philippa Dickinson that there was a noticeable change in writing style at that point.
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Turn to Paragraph 400 - Sneak Peek

Time for another sneak peek, this time from the second half of the survey results. This time around we look at the mini adventures, the role-playing game and Advanced Fighting Fantasy, the novels and other materials, as well as learning your favourite pieces of cover and interior art. The results also cover favourite villain, favourite creature, favourite artist and writer.

There is also "most wanted reprint" (which out of print do you most want back in circulation), "most wanted author" (who you'd like to see pen the next new title), and a list of writers you'd love to see write for the series. We round that part out with where in Titan you'd like to see the next book set, and which genres you like beyond fantasy.

We also asked about the magazine itself (and you had the first 3 issues to vote on). We learnt your favourite feature and the image at the top of the post was voted your favourite piece of fan art. It is from the mini adventure Shrine of the Salamander in issue #2 and the artwork was by Brett Schofield. Congratulations Brett!

Finally, the results round out with what you'd like to see in future issues and who was voted "most important contributor" to the Fighting Fantasy range.

Get a hold of a copy of issue #6 when it is published to find out all the results...
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Coming Soon - Issue 6 (Other Items of Interest)

Well, what else do we have lined up for issue #6?

We have "Turn to Paragraph 400" Part 2, the second half of the 2010 survey results. Find out who was voted favourite author and favourite artist. Which book would you most like to see reprinted and who would you want to pen a new Fighting Fantasy adventure? Plus, who did YOU vote as the most important contributor to the series?

We also have Chapter 2 of Ian Brocklehurst's ongoing tale Aelous Raven and the Wrath of the Sea-Witch, Part 4 of Ed Jolley's continued investigation of the books for morals in "Everything I Need to Know I Learnt from Reading Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks", the "Chronicle of Heroes" by Adrian Young covers A Shadow Over Blacksand, and "Fighting Dantasy" gets to grips with Forest of Doom.

Forest of Doom is also reviewed in the new reviews section, "The Arcane Archive", alongside Curse of the Mummy, Armies of Death, and Appointment with F.E.A.R. Ian Brocklehurst appears again to kick off a new irregular column called "The Magic Quest" which deals with memories of how people became fans of the series, Andrew Wright wrangles some more monsters in a new edition of "Out of the Pit", Guillermo Paredes rounds up the latest Fighting Fantasy and gamebook news, Jamie Fry looks at gamebook hunting in his column "Fighting Fantasy Collector", and the new letters page kicks off.

Finally, with more details to come in a later post, the issue features a new competition...

Escape from the Sorcerer - Sneak Peek

Here's a sneak peek from the art and text of the mini adventure for issue #6.

You open the door into a very high-ceilinged room. You realise the reason for the spacious accommodations when a huge, twenty-foot long Cobra rears its head, hissing menacingly and trying to bite you!

This is Escape from the Sorcerer by Sunil Prasannan (now a resident of the USA) and illustrated by Michael Wolmarans (of South Africa):

The kingdom of Alkemis has come under repeated attack from neighbouring Agra. Unable to hold back the hordes of Lizard Men and chaotic Asuras led by the evil sorcerer Grudar Kreshnel, YOU and a few dozen fellow survivors were captured. One by one your fellow countrymen have been brutally executed, until only YOU remain. Will YOU be able to escape from the Sorcerer?

Coming Soon - Issue 6

We're well on the way to getting the next issue done and dusted, so to help wet your appetites we present the cover for the forthcoming issue. The fantastic cover art (and the interior art for the mini adventure) this issue is done by new contributor Michael Wolmarans (you can find out more about him and his art at his website: Tenebrae Studios).

And as you can see from the cover, some of the contents will be:

  • The mini adventure Escape from the Sorcerer by Sunil Prasannan
  • "The Fact of Fiction" focusses on The Warlock of Firetop Mountain
  • Interview #1 is with Leo Hartas
  • Interview #2 is with Steve Luxton
What else can we promise you? Come back in another week and I might have some more details...
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