French AFF

Scriptarium, the team behind Draco Venturus, has won the license to bring Graham Bottley's revised Advanced Fighting Fantasy to French speakers. To help get it into their hands they are running a subscription system to help get the book released. As a sweetener, the French edition of the book will feature an additional campaign of 4 or 5 new adventures complete with new artwork by Russ Nicholson and other French artists.

Here is the link to the pdf form to sign up to the subscription:

The Return of Advanced Fighting Fantasy

The new version of Advanced Fighting Fantasy is now available for purchase:

along with reprints of Out of the Pit and Titan:

Author Graham Bottley was interviewed in issue #5 and issue #6 features a competition to win copies of the above three titles.

Some recent posts about the return of AFF:

Reviews of all three books will appear in issue #7 of the magazine later in the year.
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