Coming Soon - Issue 15 Cover

It has taken a while, but the time is nearly here for the release of the next issue of Fighting Fantazine. To tide you all over till it is released, here is the cover. Cover art by Brett Schofield!

Coming Soon - Issue 14 Cover

The time is nearly right to release the next issue of Fighting Fantazine, but in the mean time here is the cover for the next issue due out hopefully by the end of this month. Cover art by Huargo!

Coming Soon - Issue 13 Cover

Just to prove that things are still ticking over at Fighting Fantazine, here is the cover for the next issue due out hopefully by the end of this month. Cover art by Michael Wolmarans!

Coming Soon - Issue 12 Cover

I've been a bit remiss in posting, with the only excuse that things have been very busy. Hopefully a nice surprise next week! In the meantime, here is the cover for the forthcoming issue #12 with cover at by Angela Salamaliki. Hope to have the issue out before the end of August, so watch this blog for more teasers.

Coming Soon - Issue 11 Cover

Time to unveil the cover of issue 11 (the artwork of which featured in miniature in issue #10 and currently graces the magazine twitter account). Put together by the very talented Michael Wolmarans (who also illustrates the mini adventure in this issue), you can expect to hear more about the issue as we head towards publication (currently planned for the end of April).

Coming Soon - Issue 10 Cover

Here's the cover for the next issue, as done by the talented Eric Chaussin. As usual, the cover hints at what you can expect in the forthcoming issue and I'll go into more detail about them in a later post closer to the actual publication of the issue.
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Coming Soon - Issue 9 Cover

Here's the cover for the next issue, done by the talented Brett Schofield. Brett is also doing the interior artwork for the mini adventure this issue, Ed Jolley's Return to the Icefinger Mountains. As you can see from the cover there are other items of interest within the pages of the issue, but I'll cover the contents properly in a later post.

Coming Soon - Issue 8 Cover

Here is the cover to the forthcoming issue. Just a couple of tweaks left and it should be ready. Still looks to be on track for release before the end of the month!

Coming Soon - Issue 7 Cover

Here's the cover for issue #7, which I hope to be able to release at the beginning of September (in time for the 2nd birthday of the magazine).

Getting Started - That Cover

A very short post today, but...

I did a little digging and here it is, the cover I originally pitched to the Titan Rebuilding team!
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Coming Soon - Issue 6

We're well on the way to getting the next issue done and dusted, so to help wet your appetites we present the cover for the forthcoming issue. The fantastic cover art (and the interior art for the mini adventure) this issue is done by new contributor Michael Wolmarans (you can find out more about him and his art at his website: Tenebrae Studios).

And as you can see from the cover, some of the contents will be:

  • The mini adventure Escape from the Sorcerer by Sunil Prasannan
  • "The Fact of Fiction" focusses on The Warlock of Firetop Mountain
  • Interview #1 is with Leo Hartas
  • Interview #2 is with Steve Luxton
What else can we promise you? Come back in another week and I might have some more details...
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