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Welcome to the website of the online and print magazine Fighting Fantazine, a magazine dedicated to gamebooks of all shapes and sizes.

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Each issue brings to its readership the lastest gamebook news from around the world and reviews of recent releases, alongside which are presented interviews with the authors and illustrators who brought us various gamebook adventures over the years. In addition, an original, roughly 200 reference gamebook adventure is published in each issue along with matching original artwork. The rest of each issue is filled with a mixture of individual columns, fiction, and articles looking at gamebooks through a variety of lenses from serious to silly.

The actual magazine comes in two flavours, a free, downloadable, pdf copy and a printed hard copy for those who still enjoy the paper and pen experience of gamebooks (both can be obtained from this site - see the Issues section).

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If you want to contribute to the magazine then take a moment to read the Submissions section of this site. This will help give you some guidelines as to what the editorial team are on the look out for and how to go about getting your material in shape for consideration. Then if you are still keen to spread the wealth to your fellow gamebook enthusiasts, get in touch with the editor of the magazine via the Contact page.
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