Contributions to the magazine are welcomed and readily invited.

Submission guidelines

All your submitted material must be your own work (bar being based on the Fighting Fantasy, Advanced Fighting Fantasy, Lone Wolf, Gamebook Adventures, or Tunnels & Trolls gaming systems and worlds for which permission has been sought) and may not be copied in whole or in part, from any published or copyrighted source, without prior written consent, license, or open content disclosure of the original creator. By submitting material to the magazine you agree that all content is of your own original creation and that you have the legal right to publish or create the content for us without restrictions.

On the whole we are looking for new and original material to publish in Fighting Fantazine. Material that has already been published by yourself elsewhere however will be considered for publication if a sufficently good case can be made for doing so. If you wish to later publish independently material contributed to the magazine, please do so after consultation with the Editor, and include links to the magazine site along with your material.

Items can be sent to the editor via email (see the Contact page for a contact form) as long as the text is in a readable format (.pages .txt .rtf .docx/.doc for example) and the art in a standard format (like .jpg for example) and of high resolution.

Items of interest that will go to the top of the 'has potential to be published' pile include:

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