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Fighting Fantazine is a fan magazine originally based on the Fighting Fantasy range of gamebooks first published in 1982 by Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone. It was launched in late 2009 and is still going strong.

It focusses both on the worlds those Fighting Fantasy adventures are set in, especially the fantasy world of Titan, and also looks at the real life creators behind the range and investigating the books themselves in depth. The aim of the magazine is to be an outlet for the more creative interests of Fighting Fantasy fandom, such as illustrating and writing, as well as making room for more light-hearted or academic analysis of the books and their fictional creations.

More recently the magazine has widened its gaze to include gamebooks of all stripes and denominations, from classic series such as Lone Wolf and Choose Your Own Adventure, through to more recent titles like Destiny Quest and modern electronic series such as Gamebook Adventures.

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